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[Bayside Meditation]Suggestions for some good Habits to follow

One of the good habits is to manage time well. Time is limited and what we have to do can be infinite. Therefore, skills that use time wisely are really important. I’d like to briefly share one of the famous methods to manage our time.

Here is what I’d like to share.

  • Prioritize your daily task

First, write down everything that you need to do. And prioritize it. While deciding the order of tasks, it becomes clear whether this plan is necessary for me. Also, it helps to distinguish between important tasks and less important tasks. Once you try it, you will know its great efficiency. In my case, I finish writing down the priority plan the night before to start the task in the morning right away.

  • Finish tasks by priority order with a very realistic amount of daily plan.

Too many plans only could make you overwhelmed. Make a plan for the amount you can achieve in a day. And start the most important task first. If you finish the most important thing first, it will be much lighter than the next plan. For me, I set a day’s goal to finish 2 or 3 most important tasks. If I have time left, I start the next plan. and Let’s try to do one thing at a time. In a long run, doing one thing at a time is more effective. If you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything.

  • Meditate

Whatever we do, we should be able to do one thing at a time. But actually, it is not easy to focus on one thing at a time. Because of too much thinking in our mind. For me, meditation has become a part of my life. Meditation helped me a lot to self-discipline. Also helped me break away from laziness and the habit of postponing. If there is no distraction in your mind, your mind becomes more calm and peaceful. If you do things with this mind, you can focus on one thing and it is much easier to achieve your goal.

The difference between achieving and failing to achieve a goal depends on one’s state of mind. So it’s great to make meditation a habit. Because it helps you manage your mind. If you like to know more about the exact meditation method and achieve your goal, please click here.🌱



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