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Pam B.

January 01, 2020

I began this meditation in search of true peace - I longed for a lasting, unshakable core of "calm." Like so many others, I experienced the normal, everyday stress that's considered a matter of course living and working in New York City. At a certain point, however, I knew that there must be a different way to live in and experience the world.


I had tried several forms of meditation before finding this practice, all which helped me become more aware of the conflicting, burdensome, and self-limiting thoughts lurking beneath the surface my mind - but I was still on the hunt for a way to be truly free from these thoughts. Guided meditation apps, mantra meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques allowed me to feel peaceful while in that moment, but afterword, my mind would inevitably revert back to habitual patterns of thinking.


When I started this meditation, I was amazed that after just a few sessions, I noticed my mind becoming lighter and clearer. Over the subsequent weeks and months, I could really see the benefits unfold in my day-to-day life:


In my career, was able to face new challenges and opportunities for advancement with a clarity and natural confidence I had never known before. Moreover, I noticed that I was effortlessly seeing the good in others (as opposed to my perceived differences) and enjoyed connecting with people in an authentic and comfortable way. The foggy-headed, tired feeling I would always get in the afternoon is completely gone, allowing me to be more productive each day. I can rightfully say that I found what I was looking for - true peace - and so much more! In short, whatever it is that you seek, you will surely find through this meditation practice. :) 


I could not have imagined the many benefits, direct and indirect, and resulted from this endeavor ~ it is a journey within and truly the journey of a lifetime! I wholeheartedly encourage others to give it a try.

Niaz N.

January 01, 2020

There are no words to describe how amazing the benefit of this meditation technique is. The instructors are absolutely wonderful and welcoming and a few weeks after starting, I started to feel more at ease about life and the stress I used to carry, from my personal life, family, relationships, to my working career. I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders, looking at life with an open mind, day by day.

Robert R.

May 28, 2023

I have been coming to Bayside Meditation Center for over two years.
I have tried different methods of meditation in the past but I was never able to stick with any of them.

This method is very unique because it helps the mind to get rid of all attachments and negative emotions.

Before I started this meditation I had a hyper active mind. I was overwhelmed by constantly racing thoughts and extremely negative emotions. I had trouble sitting still and concentrating. 

After coming to the center for two years, I am a lot calmer and my mind is more focused.I have less negative emotions and I am able to be a lot more in the present moment.

The staff is very dedicated and helpful. 

Dr. Robert Morea -PT

January 01, 2020

I have been coming to the Bayside Meditation center for 5 years...
about 5x per week. It has been a wonderful experience.
The staff is excellent…very caring and helpful.

What amazes me is that they never have a bad day.
I would think that coming here all that time
would have shown at least one episode or incident that
would have shown them to be annoyed or irritated through
their tone of voice or actions…
but no…nothing.

This may be hard to believe but I can only report
what I have seen.
They are immune to the stresses of everyday life...
which leads me to believe that the system works
when you complete it as they have.

I have felt this peace and unconditional happiness
that they experience…more and more as I have attended the meditation.
My life has gone and is going in the direction
I want ever since I have started here.
I would recommend it to all who want to be peaceful
and happy more minutes of their days than they are right now.


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