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What are the best ways to handle stress and stressful situations?

Stress is unavoidable and inevitable. It is caused by external events that can not be controlled. We feel empowered , confident and secure when we control every aspect of our life. Yet, when we loose control, that is when fear, worry, insecurities, nervousness, anxiety 😓 and other emotional challenges arise. However, that does not mean we are defenseless and need to give up. Importantly, realizing that we have power over our mind🧠 will provide us with inner strength to succeed💪

Our attitude and perception of the world will determine how we handle these stressful situations. Some people mask their stressors and anxiety with humor, while for others it is visually present, emotionally wearing them down. Stress plays a toll on our body, deeply focusing on these thoughts, replaying them like a record and in the moment we don’t realize what is truly happening. Is my mind playing tricks on me? 🤔

I have tried a variety of outlets to handle/avoid stress (i.e. exercise🏋️, writing 📝, cooking etc.). These offered momentary relief, but the root of stress never left, it just dug deeper into my subconscious. Within hours or days I would feel stressed again, typically at a heightened degree than the previous time. I always wondered how I could stop these constant nonsense thoughts from replaying in my mind. Through meditation 🧘 I learned how to handle stress, become more mindful, self aware and understanding.

Think of the moment you were stressed, i.e. stressed about workload, feeling discouraged, unworthy, comparing yourself to others. When you think of that specific stressful moment those thoughts come up. What we do not realize is that these thoughts are pictures 📸 that we have imprinted in our mind. These pictures are fake, meaningless thoughts that we have attachments to based on our perception. We need to empty our mind and follow natures flow.🍃 One feels a sense of relief living in the moment and being responsive to what presently occurs as opposed to fighting the unexpected.

It is easier said than done. However, with the guidance you can succeed and live peacefully. Your mind can finally be clear. 😀 “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” -Chinese Proverb

Let’s learn to live together 💞


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