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How can we get enlightenment

Enlightenment comes when the true mind is revealed to the degree that the false mind has been eliminated.

 When there is no falseness, only Truth remains and you will confess, “Ah, this is it!”

When you do the meditation of eliminating the self, you will enlighten and become Truth.

Thus, this is the true meditation method.

Great Techer Woo Myung 

Niaz's story

Brenda's Story

My oxygen level is higher than it's been, and I think it's because I'm breathing better I'm not doing all that shallow breathing from the anxiety and everything, and in the last two weeks, I've lost almost 2 lb, I think it is getting down the stress level.

Everything is deeper and I don't have the negative thoughts that I used to have. Clean out all those scenarios in my mind about what could happen.

Gary's Story

Decisions are a lot more ease in my life. And I'm a lot more relaxed. The best thing I learned was I learned to be good to myself because I like to Do things for people, but I found that it was a whole lot easier for me to do something for people when I was taking care of me. So I can learn to take care of myself.

Dale's Story

I have read lots of books and

practiced religions.

But I can't become it.

Finally, I found a Teacher & Method!

What you need to do is

just follow the helper's guide.

You can do it!

You can gain muscles in your body by exercising for a year.

If you meditate for a year, you can be born as a new me who lives forever.

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