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A Life Beyond... -meditation experience

I was always an escapist trying to see what else there was to life to make me truly happy. Despite finding success in my career, I did not find fulfillment; I felt such a continuous void that couldn’t be filled. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for many years; I tried hypnosis, counseling and other therapy, acupuncture, medication and nothing worked for me- it only gave me temporary relief. After participating actively in this meditation for almost a year now, I felt like I didn’t want to escape reality anymore, rather I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning to experience life. Moreover, my work has been more productive I’ve been able to give back efficiently.  I feel blessed and I’m very thankful for the guides at the meditation center, the creators of the groundbreaking method of discarding, and for the universe as a whole for keeping me on the right track and for being a supportive family, despite the hardships and tribulations faced through the journey towards a life of truth.

I did not realize that I was living in such a false world with illusions until I diligently practiced the meditation technique daily. It’s been a whole NEW WORLD i’m excited to be living. My gratitude continues to grow as my practice enhances. I’m very thankful for everything the meditation did to save my life. Let’s coexist together, freeing our minds of our own captivity and waking the world up to everlasting peace and happiness -Niaz N.



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