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What is the meaning of life?_BaysideMeditation

Written by Robert Roth, meditator at Bayside Meditation

To live a meaningful life it is necessary to abandon your desires and attachments to people and material possessions. The Buddha said that desire is the root of all suffering. Only when your mind is free of illusions can you live each day to the fullest. When your mind is emptied of false thoughts and illusions you will live with the infinite universe mind.

Meditation is the method we use to empty our minds of these illusions. In the past I looked for answers to the questions of life in philosophy, both eastern and western, the Bible and the Buddhist sutras. But it was not until I found meditation that I was able to live life to the fullest.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell said that when you contemplate the vastness of the universe you will feel small and insignificant, but your consciousness will expand. People live as slaves to their minds. It is through meditation that one is able to be free from the prison of their mind and live each day with greater clarity and awareness.

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