Meditation Class


Step-by-step personalized & guided meditation 

for finding true self & go to the land of Truth               

Meditation to
Live Forever

To live forever, only when the world where a person lives is made to become the world of Truth can he live forever.

When the incomplete, fake world where people live is entirely eliminated, only the emptiness of the infinite universe comes to remain. That existence is the Jung and Shin, the Spirit and Soul. 

When that existence is within the self, from there this world is born again and that land is the Land of Truth and is the place where you live forever.

This meditation is to get you there and live.

How to Meditate?


Recall the remembered thoughts and images of life in your mind. 
Realize where all your stress and burdens are coming from and increase your self-awareness.


As you become aware of your habits and attachments, your perspective widens. 

See and throw away from the perspective of the Universe using the guided visualization technique. 

find true me

You will begin to realize the Truth which is the Universe that is existing within you. Keep confirming this existence to get out of your Mind World and to live in real happiness in the true world.

Meditation Steps

Step 1. ​Cleansing Karma 

     Level 1-  Remembered thoughts 

     Level 2-  Image of relationships and myself

     Level 3-  Body

     Level 4-  Body and the universe

     Level 5-  Body and the universe

     Level 6-  Me who has all minds

     Level 7-  Me who has a mind world, negativity and all thoughts

Step 2. Cleansing Habits 

Step 3. Cleansing Body 

What is Mind &
Why do we need to Meditate?

People live inside their own mind's worlds, 
which is composed of their life lived, body, and habits.  
People create their own false mind worlds by storing their memories as images and because of this they live trapped inside these self-made worlds. 
The false mind world is molded by the lives of people
have lived and 
by the experience, they have had. 

All people believe their own false mind worlds
to be in the real world 
because of the images they have taken of everything 
they have seen, heard, and experienced perfectly overlap the real world.  

Blurry Background

Benefits of Meditation

1. Your face becomes bright.

2. Your face becomes the most beautiful according to your style.

3. Illnesses disappear.

4. All of the mind clutter disappears.

5. You can succeed.

     Your efficiency can be boosted more than ten times.

6. Exhaustion disappears.

7. You are always comfortable and happy

8. You have confidence in whatever it is you do.
9. You will become free from illness and have longevity.

     You achieve human completion.