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Meditation for  

Anxiety means, one becomes anxious
when one cannot handle his or her mind.


When you throw away the life lived and the circumstances in your life
that have caused anxiety, the anxiety disappears.

To become complete, discard your karma, habits, and body;
discard your human mind, change to the mind of the world,
and be born again in the world. Then, there is no anxiety.


I tried everything.

What have you tried to cope with anxiety?
It helped relax then you felt anxious again in a few seconds?

There are many different ways to cope with anxiety.
Breathing, sound bath, massage..  
The reason they did not work is because everyone is living in their human mind world.
and those methods did not work on the root cause of anxiety, which is human mind.


With our meditation, we're not just relieving anxiety;
We guide you to remove the human mind so your true mind reveals itself within. As your mind turns into the true mind, you become stronger
So you won't relapse into your old anxiety.

This meditation helps you reflect on yourself: you become aware of your past thoughts and feelings, and how they affect you. While reflecting on yourself and removing old thoughts and feelings, you become free from the past. Your mind and body becomes positive mind and body. 

What makes difference at Bayside Meditation

I sleep better now
after few weeks I started this meditation.

Barbara W.

I am so greatful that I can finally live witout being anxious.

Nicole Yang

I suffered long period of my life suffering anxiety, when I can become comfortable with myself, I can be relaxed with others. 

Robert Roth

If you want to find out more, please consult with our meditation guides:

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