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Anxiety means, one becomes anxious
when one cannot handle his or her mind.


When you throw away the life lived and the circumstances in your life
that have caused anxiety, the anxiety disappears.

To become complete, discard your karma, habits, and body;
discard your human mind, change to the mind of the world,
and be born again in the world. Then, there is no anxiety.


What makes difference at Bayside Meditation

With our meditation, we're not just relieving anxiety;
We guide you to remove the human mind so your true mind reveals itself within.
As your mind turns into the true mind, your mind becomes stronger
So you won't relapse into your old anxiety.

This meditation helps you reflect on yourself: you become aware of your past thoughts and feelings, and how they affect you. While reflecting on yourself and removing old thoughts and feelings, you become free from the past. Your mind and body become positive mind and body. 

Kris Na

I tried everything from medication, counseling, hypnosis, and many other things outside of my comfort zone for my server anxiety and depression for many years; and nothing helped.

And I asked myself out of desperation,
"If I flee from my situation and go somewhere far, wouldn't I be able to also get away from this awful mess?" The answer was an obvious no, because I realized at that point that what I was suffering from was in my mind;
it would follow me wherever I'd go.
I didn't know how much longer I could endure the long torture.

Then coincidentally, I picked up a Bayside Meditation pamphlet and in the front it read, "Throw Away The False Mind And Find Your True Self." Long story short, I restlessly threw away my mind and noticed right away it gave me serenity.

And slowly but surely I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing a glimpse of hope for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, I kept at it. And now I'm so grateful I found this meditation.  

Nicole C.

Over the summer my anxiety became very bad,
I dreaded waking up and going to work in the morning and my health started to spiral. I became worried and anxious over little things that never used to worry me. I started to not feel like myself and knew I had to do something about it before it got worse. I came into mediation with an open mind and was willing to try anything to help with my anxiety.

Within a few weeks of meditation I started to feel more in control of my anxiety. Meditating not only has decreased my anxious and intrusive thoughts significantly, it has made me more humble and grateful for everyday life events. I am about to take on my life with a new, clear perspective.

I am forever grateful I am able to mediate and learn this method of meditation with the support and guidance from this mediation center and community. My thoughts and perspective of life and thinking has changed drastically in just a few short months.

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