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How do I do better with my partenr,
children, siblings or my co-workers?
the key of improving relationship is self-reflection.
Bayside Meditation in Queens NYC will help you
understand yourself first.
Once you understand how your mind works,
understand others becomes so easy!

Janice Shin

The meditation has been helping me a lot to calm down and to get through daily stresses. It has taught me that many of the stresses arise from my own expectations about how the entire world should work and how relationships should work, and that I get upset and stressed when they don’t work in a way that I wanted.
By working on memories and experiences accumulated from childhood, the meditation has helped me to be non-judgmental of people and relationships and to become more open-minded. It also helps me to accept myself as who I am. The method of meditation is effective and powerful.

Mary Ann 

A few weeks after starting,
I started to feel more at ease about life and the stress I used to carry, from my personal life, family, relationships, to my working career. I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders, looking at life with an open mind, day by day.

Barbara Waldron

The reason I started meditation is because I was not able to sleep. Ever since I started meditation,
I have been sleeping well.
I wish I had known this meditation earlier.

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