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Focus Better

If you want to be realistic, you should eliminate the life lived of the self, habits, and body. Your mind then becomes the living consciousness of the true world, which is the realistic mind.

Your mind becomes the mind that can be dedicated to the work you do in the present. Consequently, you will be successful in what you do because you will do your utmost, which will make you a capable person.

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I am so grateful to have found this place to meditate. Before coming to this place I was very lost in my own problems and tensions which was taking all my concentration away while doing any task ;be it studying, going to work, watching tv, etc and would get angry or irritated quickly about things and I knew I had a lot of healing and understanding to do but couldn’t on my own.

But, when I came here I began to be more understanding towards people around me, allowed myself space and healing. I will continue meditation as it has helped me in most aspects of shaping my nature toward myself and people around me.

Riya, med student

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