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Healthy mind, Healthy Body

Meditation alleviates stress, anxiety, and various forms of discomfort, leading to a more positive state of mind and improved overall health. Our meditators experienced enhanced emotional well-being, reduced stress, and a greater sense of positivity, contributing to their overall physical and mental health.


My oxygen level is higher than it's been, and I think it's because I'm breathing better I'm not doing all that shallow breathing from the anxiety and everything, and in the last two weeks, I've lost almost 2 lb, I think it is getting down the stress level.

Everything is deeper and I don't have the negative thoughts that I used to have. Clean out all those scenarios in my mind about what could happen.


I was always tense at work. Dealing with people was a big stress for me. Although I didn't even want to be stressed, just talking to the clients made me anxious. Whenever I felt stressed, my stomach felt tense simultaneously.
Constant anxiety at work brought me GERD. Stomach acid overflew and bothered my throat, so I couldn't even sleep flat on the bed. Instead, I had to sleep in a sitting position. After practicing meditation, I was more relaxed dealing with people, and my stomach symptoms disappeared as if it never happened.

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