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[Bayside Meditation] Better Sleep Meditation

Unwinding from a busy, stressful day can be difficult for many due to the ‘MIND’ racing from countless thoughts leading to worries and heightened anxiety, in turn affecting your sleep cycle. Wouldn’t it be a relief to sleep with ease and without the aide of an electronic device? Let’s end this vicious cycle now.

Better Sleep Meditation to the Rescue! Relax and drift into dreamland. This guided meditation session will give your mind a rest, feeling refreshed and recharged for the next day. Your brain will thank you.

The one moment in our day that we hope for serenity is bedtime, however most of us continue to overthink the day trying to solve problems for the future. Unfortunately, excessive worrying and overthinking disrupts your sleep making it difficult to have clarity. There is no button to push to deactivate our thoughts, but with the help of guided meditation we can learn how to be free of these false thoughts and live in the real world free of stress, pain and worries.

Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. However, many of us don’t get an adequate amount of sleep due to external factors resulting in problems such as daytime sleepiness, poor decision-making, interference with learning and accidents.

Meditation brings a sustained hypometabolic state termed as relaxation response and helps in sleep initiation. Similarly, meditation techniques help to regulate the blood flow to the executive regions of the brain during sleep.” (Meditation and its role on regulatory sleep, Herbort Benson)

As an early riser I strive to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, however reality kicks in. Once my head hits the pillow my mind starts racing a mile a minute. I keep replaying the day, overthinking what I could have done, and worry about what I should do for the following day. I try to avoid these thoughts by scrolling through social media or watch a movie which in turn has been more of a disadvantage. I wake up feeling more anxious than the night before negatively impacting my day. I felt hopeless until I tried the sleep meditation. After the first guided sleep meditation I began to feel lighter, more relaxed aiding to a deep restful sleep.

This meditation integrates a full mind and body meditation method. The purpose is to escape from our mind world and live in the true world freely and peacefully. People are trapped in their own mind world, which is composed of their life lived thoughts and habits. These cause stress and anxiety affecting our daily life.

To obtain better sleep and live stress free “we need to discard our body and mind and be reborn as one’s real body and mind.”

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