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How can I connect with the universe? [Bayside Meditation]

When you connect with the universe, you connect with the origin of the universe. This is a profound experience that can change your life in amazing ways. The vast and complex universe contains everything, but it is truly alive! When you connect with the universe, you are opening yourself up to limitless possibilities.

The first step to connecting with the universe is to understand why you are disconnected from the universe. People are incomplete and disconnected from the universe because they live inside their mind worlds that overlap this world. The mind is full of karma, habits, and the body, which are fake and false.

The second step is you must discard the false mind. This can be done through meditation. The universe becomes you when you discard your karma, habits, and body. Then the third step is when you are born again from the universe's mind, the true mind, and you can live forever in that land.

There are no boundaries or limitations when you connect with the universe. You can experience anything and everything that exists within it. The possibilities are endless! When you connect with the universe, you will feel a sense of oneness with all that exists. You will feel connected to everything and everyone in the universe. This is a powerful feeling that can change your life in amazing ways.

The universe is waiting for you to connect with it. Are you ready to experience the limitless possibilities that await you?

Yes! The universe is vast and full of mystery. I feel a sense of wonder and awe when I connect with it. I am open to new experiences and possibilities. The universe is a beautiful and magical place.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope it has inspired you to connect with the universe.



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