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How to meditate [Bayside Meditation]

I do meditation every day which is very easy but very powerful. I’ve meditated since 1998. I’ve been helped a lot through this meditation, such as anxiety relief, family relationships, anger control, and even all sorts of stress and finding true me.

I recommend you to find meditation which is easy to follow and has an exact method. That kind of meditation can help you meditate easily and every day. Doing meditation every day even in a short time is very critical I think. I do meditate every day to relieve my stress and release my thoughts which are produced in daily life and are also useless.

If there isn’t an exact method to meditate, meditation is just thinking. I think having a method is the most important thing. And also there should be results or effects. This meditation does not help you calm down or forget. It makes you being free completely from the factor in your stress.

How do you do meditation every day?

Let’s just start 10 mins a day.

Once you are used to doing meditation, you can meditate anytime you want to. When you do every day, you will see you change. Meditation is not just for a few specific people anymore but a new norm.

“There is no enlightenment for a person who lives in the human mind world, which is made by taking pictures and copying the things of the world. This is because there is no Truth in one’s mind. Enlightenment comes when the true mind is revealed to the degree that the false mind has been eliminated. In the Bible, it also says that “you should believe in your heart and confess with your mouth.” When there is no falseness, only Truth remains and you will confess, “Ah, this is it!” When you do the meditation of eliminating the self, you will enlighten and become Truth. Thus, this is the true meditation method.”



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