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[Bayside Meditation] I have everything I thought I wanted, and I'm still not happy. Why?

People are always looking for happiness that never changes.

All the material things in this world may look real but they are not real because they are temporary. No matter how appealing they are to us, these things that change can never give us lasting happiness because they are not eternally true. No matter how many of these temporary things we possess, we are still left feeling empty.

People think material things will give them happiness. They might give you momentary happiness, but it does not last long. This type of happiness that disappears when material things are gone, is not real happiness. This is a happiness that can change at any time depending on the conditions.

So what is true happiness?

True happiness exists like the life within you. This must always exist within you like a flame that does not go out forever. People are basically in awe of life, and they become humble in the face of it. They appreciate how precious and valuable it is.

A foal born in a stable, a sprout emerging from a bare branch that has endured the winter breeze, and a wildflower that can be seen everywhere feels so beautiful. When a sight like this catches my eyes, a smile forms on my lips, and I am overcome by the feeling of wanting to kneel on the floor and touch them. This is because there is true life in them.

Most humans think that they're alive, but their consciousness is actually dead. There is no life without consciousness. People are trapped in their minds, knowing nothing, and thinking that the life they have lived is everything. Being trapped in the pictures of their life lived, they are living an incomplete, fake life.

Even though I had everything and thought that I was happy, I always felt empty and unfulfilled inside not knowing what it was. When I started meditation and achieved completion, I understood the meaning of true happiness. I felt life in me. I felt the unchanging happiness for the first time, and I was grateful. Even if I was in a bad circumstance, I could always be happy. Not just a little happier sometimes. I was happy every moment.

One day, while living a completed life, I felt down due to an event, so I took a walk near my house. The feeling of being down with the human mind should be negative, but what is curious is that the feeling of happiness did not disappear in my mind and it continued to exist just the same.

“ it’s because I have true life inside me!”

It is true life that is always happy even under all conditions. Unchanging true happiness is found when there is true life in me. The main purpose of human life is to find this true life and achieve true happiness forever. I hope this little excerpt gives you the inspiration to find your true self.



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