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Benefits of meditation

There are many benefits to meditation, such as reducing stress and anxiety, better focus, and a greater sense of awareness. However, the ultimate goal is to attain the mind of truth and enlightenment. In order to achieve enlightenment, it is necessary to rid your mind of all desires and attachments. The philosopher Baruch Spinoza said human beings suffer grief and sadness because we put our passions in fleeting and perishable things, like family, relationships, fame, and material possessions. Enlightenment means your mind is focused on what’s eternal and unchanging such as God and the universe.

I have tried different kinds of meditation. Some meditations focus on breathing, some use visualization, and some involve chanting. I find the most effective method is meditation that helps to rid the mind of illusions, negative thoughts, and emotional attachments. When your mind is rid of all negative thoughts and attachments, you will be one with the infinite emptiness of the universe. You will know the truth, which is eternal and unchanging.

The philosopher Seneca said, “the greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach.” Meditation can help you discover the blessings and wisdom of your mind when you eliminate all negative thoughts and illusions. Humans are always searching for truth and happiness from the outside world. However, truth and God’s kingdom are within the mind. With meditation, you can live in heaven while alive and achieve lasting peace and happiness.

Robert Roth(Meditators in Bayside Meditation)



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