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How to Manage Loneliness

Loneliness is a symptom of modern times. In the Middle Ages relationships were less important because people’ s religious faith was much greater. A person’s relationship with the divine was more important than human relationships. With the decline in religious faith there is a greater feeling of loneliness and alienation.

The philosopher Martin Heidegger said that what humans dread the most is nothingness. People fear being alone. They fear silence and emptiness. But solitude can be an opportunity for spiritual growth. It can bring you closer to God. Jesus was tested by being alone in the desert for forty days. Moses was alone on the mountain top for forty days.

The philosopher Nietzsche, plagued by poor health and failures in love would take long solitary walks in the mountains or by the sea to restore his life. It also inspired him to write. The mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal said man’s unhappiness is due to his inability to sit alone in a quiet room for five minutes. Try sitting alone in a quiet place. Close your eyes and sit there silently for a few minutes. Sit outside on a quiet night and stare at the sky filled with stars. Open yourself up to the silence of the universe. Hear God’s voice in that silence. God speaks to us in our pain and loneliness.

Meditation can help cleanse your mind of negative thoughts related to loneliness. When your mind becomes clearer your consciousness will expand and you will be at one with the universe. When you feel God’s presence you will have more empathy and compassion for other people. Meditation will help you feel more connected and less alone.



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