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Is this world a hologram?

The idea that our universe is a huge hologram has recently gained traction. It's an interesting theory, but I'm not sure how much truth there lies behind this concept - few people have had the chance to see all of creation as it stands now up close and personal (with exceptions like astronauts).

What If The World I Live In Isn't Real?

Regardless of whether the universe is a hologram, I want to talk about whether the world I live in is real. Scientists say that stars first appeared 13.8 billion years ago. So what existed in the world 13.9 billion years ago?

Stars are constantly being born and dying. They come into existence when their energy collides with that of other stars, materializing them for a time before they fade away again into nothingness-or at least what we think is just 'nothing.' But this space will remain unchanged no matter how many eras come or go; it's light uninterrupted by any means whatsoever!

Our bodies are cameras.

Strangely, however, this body works like a camera, and since birth, it has taken pictures of all the experiences it has had through the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth bodies.

And I've been living in a world of photographs after storing them in my brain.

In other words, we have never seen or gone to the real world.

Each person is living in a world of different minds.

So why don't we know that?

It's because the mind world I live in, and the real world is so overlapped. After all, it is simply living in a huge hologram! So when you think of something like exploring your essence or questioning who "you" really are, those thoughts take place inside this vast illusionary cosmos where anything can happen (even if there isn't an answer).

Wake up!

The only way to wake up from the hologram is by changing my mind.

I have been living in a virtual reality created since I was born, so it's time for me to go back and start over again before that point where everything started.

Although my hologram was created when I was born, that doesn't mean I have to end with my death. If I can go back to before the star came out and become the universe's mind again, then I will be able to live forever in the eternal world. This is the original return to the mind of the universe.



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